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We Specialise In PHP Development.

Fixing Outsourced PHP Projects.

Many companies are seduced by the idea of outsourcing PHP development to cheap developers overseas. Our experience is that the quality of the PHP code delivered by these channels is often severly lacking. Commonly these companies deliver applications which use large blocks of procedural code and no centralisation of reusable components. We specialise in redesigning and rewriting PHP applications which have been outsourced to developers overseas where the delivered applications are unreliable, unmanagable and/or buggy.

Why use a PHP developer in Australia?

It's nice to talk to a PHP developer face-to-face. To be able to explain the project, even draw it out on a white board. Even though we are code geeks, we will always speak to you in plain English and with a friendly and helpful manner! While we're happy to work on PHP projects with clients from anywhere across Australia and around the world, if you're in Australia and want to work with an Australian PHP developer - get in touch!

  "Working with David Li & Tim Brown on our website redesign project was just about as easy & stress-free a  project like this should be. Their ideas were clear, concise and firmly met StayWell Hospitality Group's online          objectives. Their ongoing support and guidance has also been equally professional and invaluable."

                                                − Rachel Pirie, StayWell Hospitality Group

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