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We Develop For The Mobile Web.

With so many people using mobile devices today, and it's estimated that soon over 1 billion users will be accessing the web via a mobile device, it makes sense to ensure that your web site or web application displays and functions well on mobile devices.

We design and develop Mobile websites and mobile web applications and understand practical techniques that will enhance the mobile web browsing experience.

Designing a mobile web application is not the same as designing for the traditional web, content on the mobile web must be user-focused (just like in traditional web design), however because of the smaller screens and internet connectivity concerns, we put careful consideration into the design of a mobile web application.

Many businesses are now harnessing the power of mobile web apps. If you need a mobile web application that your visitors will enjoy using, we can help you.

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Red Wall & Stairs

We Develop For The Mobile Web.

Bowker Beach House is a great example of a website that was built with mobile devices in mind. The website looks beautiful on desktop and adapts to various other screen sizes including iPads and mobile phones.

           "Thank you for everything David Li; don't know how I would have managed without your enthusiasm                                                      and professionalism - much appreciated!

                                                       − Lisa Makiiti, Bowker Beach House

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